Content Stacking Now Available on Darkblock

Content Stacking and Collection upgrades are officially LIVE on Darkblock. These added features will allow creators to expand their NFT offerings and change the way content is consumed in web3.

Content Stacking

Content Stacking with Darkblock will allow multiple unlockable files to be attached to one NFT. This is a frequently requested feature for artists, especially Musicians. With content stacking, an entire album of music can be attached to a cover art NFT. While the world could see the album cover NFT, only the verified owner could unlock the music.

Creators can also choose when to release content. This allows musicians to release tracks once per month or as they are ready. In addition to music, this release feature also lends itself well to subscription-based services in web3 (think decentralized OnlyFans /Patreon).

Stacking use cases:

-Album release with cover art

-How to video with instructional pdfs

-Ebooks (chapters + audio)

-Lecture/teaching content

-Tickets and directions to a concert

-Send VIPs backstage passes

-Update contracts/paperwork

Collection Upgrades

Similar to content stacking, collection upgrades allow users to add new content to existing NFTs. Available on our API, content upgrades allow NFT creators to customize their releases, turning any NFT collection into a membership pass for content. Users can upgrade a collection over time, release content to all NFT holders, or release exclusive content to a select group of NFT holders. Offer your biggest followers or contributors VIP access, merch, or content.

We are always upgrading and adding new features at Darkblock. If you are looking for a specific feature, let us know! We are always available on our discord at




Darkblock is a decentralized protocol for unlockable content

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Darkblock is a decentralized protocol for unlockable content

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