Darkblock to Host Sugoi with web3 pioneer LOGIK during NFT NYC

Darkblock is ecstatic to announce our sponsorship of Sugoi during NFT NYC, curated by multidisciplinary artist and web3/NFT leader, LOGIK.

Sugoi, or “Wow, awesome!” in Japanese, is a 3-day event concurrent with NFT NYC 2022 that aims to promote “synergy at the intersection of NFTs, pop culture, subcultures, and big tech.” The 3-day event will feature panel discussions, a multiformat NFT gallery, food trucks, live music, DJs, and more.

All Sugoi attendees will receive a digital swag bag powered by Darkblock. The rare digital assets will be available to guests who hold a Sugoi Key NFT using our decentralized unlockable protocol. We are thrilled to showcase this use case for our technology at NFT NYC. If you are interested in using Darkblock to “drop” unlockable content at your next event, please reach out to us on discord!

Sugoi will take place at The MODE in Dumbo, Brooklyn on June 21–23, 2022. The mission behind LOGIK’s immersive event is to remove the cultural and financial barriers notoriously found in web3. Sugoi is one of multiple philanthropic endeavors by LOGIK including the Chiba Center, an online, nonprofit, Japanese language school for Black and brown creatives.

Sugoi’s mission to address the lack of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in web3 made sponsorship a no-brainer for Darkblock. We are committed to making the future of web3 an equitable and accessible space for all. Our protocol layer promotes creator control of the web3 space, is free and accessible for all, and limits centralized control in the web3 space.




Darkblock is a decentralized protocol for unlockable content

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Darkblock is a decentralized protocol for unlockable content

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