Four Stealth Things We’re Building to Add Utility to NFTs

2 min readNov 22, 2022

While our priority at Darkblock is working with partners to integrate our decentralized encryption protocol, we also recognize the need to develop tools for creators to utilize our protocol to add utility to their NFTs. These tools facilitate the use of our protocol and aim to give users a more seamless and-as Michael Shoup from our partner Monark Market would say-”sexy.” Let’s dive into some of our not-so-secret side projects:

1. Darkblock TV App

First up is our TV app! While we launched an initial app last year, we recently pushed a significant update.

The App is live now in the Google Play store and Amazon App Store. If you want to display your NFTs on your TV or even unlock and watch videos attached to your NFTs, all you need is $25 to buy an Amazon Fire Stick. It might be a while until you’re buying Movie NFTs and unlocking the films via the Darkblock app, but that day will definitely come and we’re already working on building the foundation.

2. Mobile App

We know the trend is toward more and more content being consumed on their phones, so it was only a matter of time until we released a mobile app. Using a platform called Ionic, we wrote some code in React and Javascript and have exported it to mobile for Android and iOS.

You can access and view your NFTs and Darkblocks right on your phone. It works with all five chains that Darkblock supports: Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Avalanche, and Polygon.

This is still in progress, so if you’re a developer working on a project that would benefit from mobile consumption of your content, songs, or videos, you can use this source code and build on it. For the code, simply reach out to us on.

3. Browser Extension

Next up, our browser extension! This is live right now in the Google Chrome web store ( ). This extension allows you to view, unlock and access your NFT’s unlockable content on OpenSea. All you have to do is download the extension, connect your wallet on OpenSea, and our widget will be inserted for you to authenticate ownership, decrypt, and display your content right on OpenSea. Run, don’t walk!

4. Unity Plug-in

Saved the best for last. Our lead evangelist, Ragnar Mari, developed a plug-in that enables creators to attach Unity-based metaverse and game assets to NFTs, which the subsequent owners can then upload into the Unity-based metaverse and games at runtime. This is huge for developers and metaverse users wanting to upload their content into virtual environments without the risk of right-click-savers. Check out the full demo below to understand the full potential of this feature.

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