How to Darkblock

Are you the creator of any NFTs? Do you want to protect them from right click savers and add more scarcity value? Then create a Darkblock!

Darkblock is a control panel for decentralized content. Our protocol layer (PeRM: Personal Rights Management) allows you, the creator, to choose how your NFT is distributed, shown, sold, rented, hidden, destroyed, or unlocked. Users can determine sliced ownership, royalty structures, and inherent properties, all while making sure their creations won’t be copied, distributed, or used outside of their intended purpose.

Below is a how-to video to help users create a Darkblock for their NFT.

Here is an overview of the steps described in the video:

Testing, Testing…

After you have created a Darkblock, there is no way to update or change it. When you click that “Create Darkblock” button, it is finalized forever.

This is where “Test Mode” comes in handy. Test mode can be turned on directly where you create a Darkblock in the NFT’s “detail view.” When test mode is turned on, you can create as many test Darkblocks as you like. Each new test simply overwrites the previous one. Test Darkblocks are only visible to the creator, so make as many iterations as you would like, knowing that your experiments are your own. Feel free to also preview the tests in the Darkblock TV app by turning on test mode in the TV app’s Settings page.

We hope this video and outline is helpful for you to get started with Darkblock. As always, feel free to join our discord at and ask any questions you have there. We want the community to shape this space, so all forms of feedback are encouraged!



Darkblock is a decentralized protocol for unlockable content

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