Intro to Arweave

What is Arweave?

Arweave is a native blockchain technology to permanently store data. It uses an endowment to continually pay miners to prove they have access to the data stored, and it uses it’s own native currency to facilitate the storage of data. That means it is NOT an ERC-20 token. With Arweave, you create a transaction and sign it with your wallet, which may or may not include a file to store. You are given a cost to store that data, and you execute that transaction, which transfers AR out of your wallet for the privilege. The file and metadata with the transaction are then available via HTTP GET and via GraphQL queries. You can store small files or very large files, and it is very cost effective compared to Ethereum (pennies per megabyte).

Darkblocks are stored in Arweave

Darkblock on Arweave

During the Arweave Hackathon we created a handful of NFTs with associated Darkblocks. We stored a preview version of each piece of art as a jpg, and then we encrypted the high resolution image using AES-256 and placed that into a “Darkblock”, a separate Arweave transaction that is referenced by the NFT metadata.

Arweave also has smart contracts!

But, they are much different from the smart contracts you are used to. The smart contracts in Arweave are actually a logical layer built on top of the data transactions. Smartweave, the logical layer that executes these contracts, typically runs in the browser and executes these smart contracts by taking a series of inputs (just Arweave transactions) to the smart contract and calculating the end state.



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